Unleash the Tropics, where warmth and wonders intertwine! 🏝️🌞

Ahoy, me hearty!
We are overjoyed to announce the third Feature Update for Scavenged Shores! :blush::love:

Before diving into the specifics of this update I would like to personally apologize for the delay between this update and the last. Since the last update a year ago the team and I have spent a lot of time planning the direction we want to take Scavenged Shores in and prototyping many new features we are excited to share soon! We hope you understand and are as excited for the future of Scavenged Shores as much as we are! Now…. let's take a closer look at what's included in this update. :tada:


Prepare to make port! The new island of Caloki has been discovered...

It's Time for Nature to Fight Back! 🍀 🌸


Shiver me timbers!
We are excited to announce the second Feature Update for Scavenged Shores :blush::tada:

We would like to apologize for the large delay between updates although we believe the wait has been worth it, as we are proud to announce the largest update to ever be released on Scavenged Shores. Get ready to set sail on a thrilling new adventure with exciting new features, quests, and a whole lot more. Now… let's dive into the details of what's being added in this update.


Starting off with this update we’ve added a brand-new crate! The nature crate which contains 16 new and unique items and 2 unique cosmetics, all nature themed and only obtainable for a...

Trick or Treat? We say treat! 🍭 👻


We'd love to introduce the very first Feature Update for Scavenged Shores :blush::p

Every year, around this season, a wave of eeriness washes over Scavenged Shores. A legend told from generation to generation mentions the lost treasure of an infamous captain. One who roams the dark seas in a ghastly ship, and steals the souls of unfortunate sailors. His treasures are all unique, but will they trick you or will you be showered with treats?

This update has some exciting new developments as well as a completely new event for you to harness the power halloween!


Starting off, we have the new limited time crate with 16 new and unique items and 2 unique...

Scavenged Shores Patch #1 is now Live! ✨🎀


Yarr' mateys!
We are proud to announce that our first patch to Scavenged Shores is now Live! :love::blush:

With the release of Scavenged Shores there came a lot of bugs which were missed throughout development. We would like to let you all know that after a weeks worth of hard work, we've finally addressed all of the issues that you have all found and reported!

A big thank you too everyone who made the team aware of these issues and we hope that these fixes make Scavenged Shores a more enjoyable experience! :)


  • Added the /website command (Allows players to load the website from anywhere)
  • Added the /vote command...

The Release of Scavenged Shores 🌊🎉


Yarr' mateys!
We'd love to introduce the newly released, anticipated Minecraft Server, Scavenged Shores! :eek::love:

What is Scavenged Shores you may be wondering? :blush:

Scavenged Shores is a world full of pirates and thieves, with islands ranging from a tropical paradise to a frozen-over land. You can go out to sea and fish some loot or dig around for a coin or two. Raid an island or build your own. Scavenged Shores has many more features that you'll want to see.

After two years of development, the Scavenged Shores Team is thrilled to finally release this unique experience to all of you. If you decide set sail to Scavenged Shores, we all hope your time is sea-perb...

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