The Release of Scavenged Shores 🌊🎉


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Yarr' mateys!
We'd love to introduce the newly released, anticipated Minecraft Server, Scavenged Shores! :eek::love:

What is Scavenged Shores you may be wondering? :blush:

Scavenged Shores is a world full of pirates and thieves, with islands ranging from a tropical paradise to a frozen-over land. You can go out to sea and fish some loot or dig around for a coin or two. Raid an island or build your own. Scavenged Shores has many more features that you'll want to see.

After two years of development, the Scavenged Shores Team is thrilled to finally release this unique experience to all of you. If you decide set sail to Scavenged Shores, we all hope your time is sea-perb.

Special Thanks

I would personally like to thank my team MouldeyPacake, Pummpkin, Cheembs, Picofae, CarelessCustard, Helplesski, Ekkha, Craftrick, Pixeltiers, Ello, mayhemgamer, DomesticHippo, ExperienceLevel, Mj_cheng, Paintingle, Zoiin & ladytorrens for their contributions to this project, their persistence and for never giving up.

I would also like to thank everyone who has shown interest in Scavenged Shores, your support helped us stay motivated and encouraged us to not give up when challenges were faced. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to check Scavenged Shores out. <3

We hope to see you online!
~ RandomTomato
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