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We are excited to announce the second Feature Update for Scavenged Shores :blush::tada:

We would like to apologize for the large delay between updates although we believe the wait has been worth it, as we are proud to announce the largest update to ever be released on Scavenged Shores. Get ready to set sail on a thrilling new adventure with exciting new features, quests, and a whole lot more. Now… let's dive into the details of what's being added in this update.


Starting off with this update we’ve added a brand-new crate! The nature crate which contains 16 new and unique items and 2 unique cosmetics, all nature themed and only obtainable for a limited time. Crate keys can be located on the Scavenged Shores at


Image 1 - Nature Crate Contents Showcase


Land Ahoy! A new island has been discovered in the waters of Scavenged Shores. Unlocked at Level 5 Delruga is a frozen glacier with terrain so harsh its inhabitants fled underground and founded the city of Bijon. Bijon is home to the blacksmith who will aid your journey by allowing you to smelt refined metal from old weapons. This gives you the opportunity to forge brand new, stronger weapons without spending your hard-earned coins. Delruga also introduces 10 brand new, custom creatures for you to battle across 5 new grind spots. :snowflake:


Image 2 – Delruga Showcase


Quests are finally here! Visit Quest Boards located on each island to embark on over 50 thrilling quests to gain money and experience. Once your quests are assigned, you will have exactly 24 hours to complete them before they expire. :books:


Image 3 – Quest Board Showcase

Hit Indicators

Hit Indicators are our answer to assist in creating a more intense battle between yourself and creatures. They allow players to receive visual feedback on how much damage they dealt to the creature. :swords:

Image 4 – Hit Indicators Showcase

Improved Item Hoarder

You spoke and we listened! We’ve made selling items to the Item Hoarder more engaging and user friendly. Before selling your items, you are now able to calculate how much they are worth so you can ensure you know what you will be paid before confirming the sale. Finally, there is now a confirmation menu when closing the menu if you offered items to sell, this prevents players from accidentally selling items. :$:


Image 5 – Revamped Item Hoarder Showcase

Revamped Food System

The Scavenged Shore food system has undergone a huge revamp. This update introduces exciting abilities to some food items which trigger when they are consumed, which gives you unique advantages during battles. Food items now have minimum levels at which they can be consumed, which ensures a fair progression system for all players. :tomato::kiwi:


Image 6 – Revamped Food System Showcase

Revamped Gun System

The Scavenged Shores gun system has also undergone a revamp to be consistent with melee weapons. Guns now deal elemental damage and possess a primary elemental type, bringing more strategy to ranged battles.


Image 7 – Revamped Gun System Showcase

Cannonkour Reworks & New Map

Cannonkour enthusiasts, rejoice! We've made various improvements to the beloved mini game as well as introduced an exciting new map called "Mushroom Rush." We added the ability to return to the previous checkpoint as well as leave the course whenever you wish. Cannonkour courses now calculate your completion time, allowing you to challenge yourself and your fellow pirates! :bomb::explosion:


Image 8 – New Cannonkour Items Showcase


Image 9 – New Cannonkour Map “Mushroom Rush” Showcase

Wandering NPC’s

We thought that the current implementation of villagers did not meet our high standards in building immersion. NPCs now roam the towns and docks, adding an immersive touch to your pirate adventures. Additionally, they now have new custom skins made by the talented Cleora, giving them a fresh look to match their lively personalities.

Image 10 – Wandering NPC’s Showcase

Quick Travel

Travelling across the waters of Scavenged Shores has never been easier. In this update players now have access to the Quick Travel menu, which allows players to quickly travel between islands and key locations for a small fee. The fee is calculated based on distance, and some key points of interest will always be free.


Image 11 – Quick Travel Showcase

Staff Menu

Our dedicated staff members are the backbone of Scavenged Shores. In our updated staff menu, you'll find pixel art representations of all our active and retired staff members. It's our way of honouring the individuals who have made this server what it is today.


Image 12 – Updated Staff Menu Showcase

Resource Pack Vibrancy

To further enhance your experience, we've updated the vibrancy of our resource pack. The server now feels more colourful and friendly, immersing you in a world of vivid adventures. Get ready to be captivated by the sights! :stars::shootingstar:

Image 13 – Resource Pack Vibrancy Changes Showcase

On behalf of the Scavenged Shores team, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and we'll see you on the high seas! :wave:

Finally, I would like to once again personally thank everyone who contributed to the development of this update! I am very happy with what we have created, and I am excited on what the future holds for Scavenged Shores. :tada::kraken:

We hope to see you online!
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I refuse to believe you guys got any sleep while developing all this, awesome work everyone on the team! Have a well earned rest and I can't wait to see what you all come up with next. :tomato:<3

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