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We are overjoyed to announce the third Feature Update for Scavenged Shores! :blush::love:

Before diving into the specifics of this update I would like to personally apologize for the delay between this update and the last. Since the last update a year ago the team and I have spent a lot of time planning the direction we want to take Scavenged Shores in and prototyping many new features we are excited to share soon! We hope you understand and are as excited for the future of Scavenged Shores as much as we are! Now…. let's take a closer look at what's included in this update. :tada:


Prepare to make port! The new island of Caloki has been discovered after a long voyage by our staff team in the warm waters of Scavenged Shores. Unlocked at level 10 Caloki is a small serene tropical island, brimming with beauty and adventure. Caloki is well known as a refuge for cursed pirates due to its rare golden coconuts, which have a unique ability to lift curses. Caloki also introduces 6 new custom creatures for you to fight across 3 new grind spots. :palmtree:


Image 1 - Caloki Showcase

Ranks are finally here! We believe you deserve to stand out, and what better way than to purchase one of 4 unique ranks available in the store under the “Ranks” tab. Each rank has unique cosmetics unavailable anywhere else such as icons, tags, hats, particles, pets and glow colours. We also plan on adding limited time ranks for events in the future so make sure to keep an eye out for them. :kraken::turtle:


Image 2 - Ranks Showcase

Armour Rework

The long awaited Armour Rework is finally here! Each Armour piece now has an elemental type, if the chest plate and boots are the same type you will reduce or double your damage taken from certain types.

In addition, we have added a variety of new stats to diversify armour pieces. These currently include:
  • Hearts (Increase the amount of health you have)
  • Armor (Increases the amount of armour you have which decreases the overall damage you can take)
  • Speed (Increases/decreases your movement speed)
  • Regen (Increases the amount of health you regen when you heal)
  • Dodge (The percentage chance you have to completely dodge an attack)
Watch out! Some stats can be negative as well as positive…. :shield:


Image 3 - Armour Rework Chestplate Showcase


Image 4 - Armour Rework Boots Showcase
Resource Deposits

Introducing resource deposits! Found all around the world, these can be broken to obtain blocks which can then be used to build on your personal island. Each deposit has a minimum player level required to break its blocks, and there is a respawn time on the resource being available again. :pickaxe:


Image 5 - Resource Deposits Showcase

Fishing Traps

Fishing Traps are our newest addition to the Fishing Profession. Purchasable from Tool Merchants These contraptions allow for passive fishing and last one minute. Players can have a maximum of 5 traps active at any given time. Keep a close eye on them as other players can swipe your loot. :fishingrod::tropicalfish:


Image 6 - Fishing Traps Showcase

Mob Drops

As a team, we have decided to rework the drops obtainable from killing creatures. We felt that souls were not interesting enough and because of this, we have decided to remove the Soul Collector and introduce a variety of new items which drop from creatures when killed. These items currently can only be sold to the item hoarder but we plan for them to be used in crafting when we add the system in the future! :stars:


Image 7 - Mob Drops Showcase

New Online Map

We are excited to announce the release of the new live map which has received a massive overhaul. This makes it easier for you to find points of interest and other players as well as being much easier on the eyes. The map can be accessed by right-clicking one of the map boards located in-game or by searching www.scavengedshores.com/map/ :map:


Image 8 - New Online Map Showcase

Reworks/Bug Fixes

Along with the various additions and improvements included in this update, the team has been working hard to rework some game mechanics as well as fix any bugs to give you the best experience which can be seen in the list below. :settings:

  • Reduced quick travel costs when traveling between islands
  • Reduced Creature spawning rates on Tomatara
  • Reduced the amount of Creatures that can be in range of a Creature Spawner
  • Updated Cacti Cannon Ability
  • Updated Gravestone Ability
  • Updated the Bloody Knife Ability
  • Killing Creatures now have a % chance of dropping Weapons, Guns, Chestplates, Boots or Food
  • Added GUI Indicator to show player does not have any friends or cosmetics
  • Added Hit Indicators to display when players take damage
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed player vaults not opening
  • Fixed the quests completed stat not incrementing when completing daily quests
  • Fixed the add/remove friend button not opening the add/friend GUI
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add players to your island if they are on the server for the first time.
  • Players are no longer able to ping themselves
  • Fixed Delruga wandering NPCs getting stuck in stair blocks
  • Fixed Bug where normal attacks were displayed as max damage attacks
  • Fixed players taking fall damage when hitting the floor after being launched from a cannon
  • Quick traveling to Caloki no longer teleports you into water
  • Fixed Ellie the weapon dealer on Caloki not opening the weapons shop

On behalf of the Scavenged Shores team, we would like to thank you for your continued support, and we'll see you on the high seas! :swords::shootingstar:

We hope to see you online!
~RandomTomato :tomato:
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