Scavenged Shores Patch #1 is now Live! ✨🎀


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Yarr' mateys!
We are proud to announce that our first patch to Scavenged Shores is now Live! :love::blush:

With the release of Scavenged Shores there came a lot of bugs which were missed throughout development. We would like to let you all know that after a weeks worth of hard work, we've finally addressed all of the issues that you have all found and reported!

A big thank you too everyone who made the team aware of these issues and we hope that these fixes make Scavenged Shores a more enjoyable experience! :)


  • Added the /website command (Allows players to load the website from anywhere)
  • Added the /vote command (Allows players to open the vote menu from anywhere)
  • Added the Pirate Raids status hologram (Displays the time remaining of an ongoing pirate raid)
  • Added a maximum sell amount for Player Shops (This prevents players from charging more than 2 million per item)


  • Weapon Attack Damage now applies the correct value to Custom Creatures
  • Weapon Cooldown now applies the correct cooldown to the Weapon when attacking
  • Weapons no longer appear invisible when held in your main hand
  • Disabled the WorldGuard permission denied message
  • Reworked the Release Crate Ability Cooldowns
  • Storage Barrels no longer remove all items inside them when broken
  • Zombies can no longer convert into Drowned
  • Swimming System can no longer be bypassed by swimming inside of Waterlogged blocks
  • Items Recieved when your inventory is full are now dropped onto the ground
  • Custom Creatures will no longer target players inside of cities
  • Removed two unaccessable chests which can spawn in Pirate Raids
  • Crab Hitbox is now 30% bigger
  • Item Durability no longer resets on join
  • Fixed incorrect title appearing on Day 4 of Daily Rewards
  • Holding Chestplates or Boots in your offhand no longer applies their hearts to your healthbar
  • Minecarts were removed from Pirate Cove
  • NPC heads in Tomatara now move around randomly
  • Typing the "/friend" command no longer causes an error
  • Skeleton no longer wears the market stall as a hat
  • Removed blocks in Niandrea in weird places
  • Votes in Profiles now count up
  • Players can now open chests in Pirate Raids
  • The Nature Icon was not being given when unlocked from Release Crate
  • Can no longer eat food when full
  • Enabled the daylight cycle
  • Vote links now take you straight to the voting page rather than the server page
  • Training Swords no longer spawn in Pirate Raids
  • ReleaseCrate items now have the correct colour
  • Guns lore now shows the correct damage
  • Saturation is now visible on Food lore
  • Ancient Parrot on the store was displaying the incorrect image
  • Changed Cooldowns to display "2s" instead of "-2"
  • Fixed issue with NPC's being selected with STICKS
  • Custom Creatures no longer spawn in caves under Niandrea (as they have been removed)
A special thanks to MrGraycat for assisting with various parts of the code! <3

If you continue to find new bugs please report them on our website and we will do our best to include relevant fixes in the next update

We hope to see you online!
~ RandomTomato
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