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1. Be respectful of all players! The following behaviour is not allowed
  • Discrimination of any type; This includes but is not limited to: discrimination based on race, gender, or religion.​
  • Encouraging or engaging in violence or hatred towards other players.​
  • Falsifying information about other players & causing drama.​
  • Sharing other players' personal information.​
  • Being toxic to other players.​
  • Rudeness to a staff member due to a decision they have made. (If you disagree with a decision, please approach a higher staff member to discuss it further)​

2. Cheating & Exploiting will not be tolerated.

Any modifications to Minecraft which gives the player an unfair advantage is considered cheating and will result in an instant ban. This ruins the fun for others, as well as degrading the experience of the server.
If you are unsure of which modifications are not allowed: please refer to the "Allowed Mods" list below. Allowed Mods:​
  • Optifine & Other FPS improvement mods​
  • Cosmetic Mods​
  • Brightness & Gamma adjustments​
Exploiting to gain items or currency is against the rules and will also result in an instant ban. If an exploit is found, it is to be reported straight away by using creating a ticket on our discord server.
Do not share information about the exploit with other players!

3. Be appropriate at all times
  • Do not use inappropriate usernames, profile pictures or post inappropriate media​
  • Swearing is not tolerated on Scavenged Shores as this server is age-inclusive​

4. Do not advertise; this includes:
  • Other servers​
  • Personal services​
  • Other social medias​

5. Giveaways are to be held in-game only

A player-held giveaway MUST NOT have any entry requirements​
  • This includes external entry requirements, e.g. subscribing to a YouTube channel. This means that the only requirement for a player to enter is to attend.​

6. In-game items are NOT to be sold for real currency
  • As we are a server that holds integrity as one of our main values, selling items for real life money is against the rules and will result in both parties receiving an instant ban. We discourage this as it opens up scamming as well as making the server pay to win (P2W) which we are strongly against.​

Please be aware that the rules are subject to change, although if this occurs an announcement will be made
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