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What are professions, how do I join a profession, and can I change professions?


Image 1 - Showcase of the Fishing Profession

Professions are a fun, alternative way to obtain currency within Scavenged Shores. These professions can help players obtain items that can be sold to Hoarders within cities for money. These professions can be gained through the profession master, who can be located on your map. Right clicking this NPC will allow you to browse through and chose one of the many professions that is provided by the master.

Each profession will have its own associated tool which can also be purchased from the professions master. Each tool is exclusive to each profession, meaning that it can only be used by players that have the profession to wield it. For example, a Fishing Rod will only be able to be used by a player that has the profession Fishing


Image 2 - Showcase of the Profession Masters house

If you’ve chosen a profession that you find you don’t like, don’t worry! You can switch over to another profession after 7 days. We’ve done this to encourage players to stick to a single profession, rather than constantly switching between professions. There is no limit to how many times you switch profession, however you must always wait the seven days after switching to change again. If you have purchased a profession tool prior for a prior to your profession switch, it will stay in your inventory or storage.

However, if you aren’t in that specific profession, you won’t be able to equip it specific profession tool. Professions cannot be practiced within cities. To use profession tools and practice your profession, you need to explore other islands or go to your personal island.​


Image 3 - Showcase of the Profession Items

Current Professions on Scavenged Shores:​
  • Fishing​
    • With your fishing rod, reel in custom items by fishing.​
  • Scavenging​
    • Using the shovel, dig around to find custom Scavenging items. Scavenging currently only works on three specific blocks: gravel, coarse dirt, and sand. You may find some items by breaking these blocks; although you have higher chances of finding items on personal islands.​
  • Farming​
    • Wielding the mighty hoe, use it to break vegetation blocks (Like Scavenging) by breaking these blocks you may find custom Farming items.​

Please note Professions cannot be practiced in cities, to use the tools you must explore the islands or go to your personal island. Once players have gathered items from their profession, they can sell it to the Item Hoarder for coins.


Image 4 - Showcase of the Item Hoarder


Image 5 - Showcase of the Profession Items
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