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1. What is the Scavenged Shores website?

To access the scavenged shores website, open your browser and head to . On this website you can find guides written by staff and the community as well as the rules, the store, the Minecraft Server Ip: ````, player support, the online map, as well as community channels to chat and find crews!

2. Is there an online map and what is the link to it?

Sometimes pirates can get a little bit lost whilst sailing the seven seas. This is where their trusty map comes in hand! If you want to explore the vast lands of Scavenged Shores by setting your destination beforehand, the online map has your back! View your location, see waypoints and plan out your route before sailing by accessing the map at this link:

*please note that this map will be temporarily unavailable until server launch*

3. What are tickets and how can I create one?

Tickets are a quick and easy way to put in a formal complaint, ask for support or report any bugs found during your playthrough. This will instantly create a private text-channel that will connect you to staff. Here you can provide your explanation as well as any attachments of proof if necessary. This system allows us to keep track of these reports and also allows us to guarantee you get the support you need! Tickets will only close once your issue has been resolved. Now you know the what, let's talk about the how. To create a ticket, navigate to the "SUPPORT" category in the discord server. From here, you want to find the #tickets text channel and click on it. In this channel, you will see a bot called "Ticket Tool" with an embed. Simply click on the "Create a ticket" button. This will pull up a private text channel underneath a new "TICKETS" category. In this channel, thoroughly explain the issue you are facing and attach evidence if you have it. If you don't, it will speed up the process if you specify that this is the case (as this prevents staff from having to ask). If you haven't gotten a response, don't be discouraged! Staff will get back to you as soon as possible. When the issue is resolved, you or the staff member can close the ticket. This will give you a prompt that asks if you are sure you would like to close the ticket, please select close if you are sure. Please **DO NOT** close a ticket if your issue still hasn't been resolved. If your ticket has been closed and you have another issue or feel as the original issue hasn't been resolved, please repeat this process and our staff will get back to you.

*Please note that abusing this system will result in punishment. This should only be utilised if you need staff help.*

4. How do I access and navigate the in-game menu?

To access the in-game menu, navigate to your ninth slot and right click. This will open up a menu on your screen, similar to accessing a chest. From here, you will see numerous categories ranging from cosmetics, settings and even your islands! Simply click on the category you're interested in to pull up the category's menu. If you accidentally open a menu you didn't intend on, you can simply press the back button! A quick way to also close the menu is by hitting ESC on your keyboard. If you're still feeling a bit confused, follow this example! You open the menu by scrolling to your ninth slot and right clicking. After opening the menu, you select cosmetics but you meant to click on settings. Navigate to the back button and left click. Now you're back on the main menu. Now click on settings. In settings, you wanted to turn on PVP. Navigate to the setting and click. You're all done and want this menu off your screen so you press ESC. All done! You now know how to use the and navigate the in-game menu.

5. What is "Early Access" and how can I join?

Early Access is a group of players that test new content and present feedback before it hits the live servers. This allows us to determine whether content will strengthen the community's experience or whether it will miss the mark. It also allows us to make balance changes and bug fixes before it reaches the live servers. If this interests you and you would like to volunteer, please contact staff or message RandomTomato directly.

*Please note that there is no guarantee you will be accepted into this access as there are limited positions and you must meet certain requirements*

6. What is the staff team and how can I join?

The staff team of Scavenged Shores are a group of individuals who strive to ensure that every player has a good time. They are the supporters, the "law" enforcers and the backbone of ensuring Scavenged Shores runs smoothly. Currently, we are not seeking staff members, but the opportunity will open on server release! If you want to take that extra step in helping the Scavenged Shores community, you will be able to create an application on the Scavenged Shores website in the "forums" section. Thanks for being interested and we're looking forward to seeing your application!
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